The appeal and originality of the products available from Program Support is that they include course materials, (inspirational) management books, stories about great human accomplishments and…comic strips. Discover their power and coherence below.

In addition to these attractive offerings, Pilgrim Support can also create personalised and tailored products (see the "Personalised and Tailored Products" section below).

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The albums are at the leading edge of the services the Pilgrims provide to clients. We have brought them together in a collection called "Paths towards Excellence". They are also perfectly suited to personal reading.

Our albums are available in English, French and Dutch. Each is divided into three parts:

  • A comic strip: designed and created by Pilgrim Support with a script and drawings by Chris Lamquet, a Belgian comic strip master
  • A technical handbook which explore historical context, trade expertise, technical aspects, anecdotes, etc.
  • An Excellence handbook covering several levers for success and improvement themes for organisations (vision and values, client focus, communication, manager delegation, etc.)

In addition to the specific aspects (relevant and inspiring in our own work environment) explored in a given story, the Excellence book of each album makes numerous references to the Excellence cards and refer readers to the "Excellence Vade Mecum".

The albums enable you to stay focused on the real added value provided by the story or environment. Thanks to the "Excellence Vade Mecum" you can explore the essential or more technical themes that sometimes appear in several stories. For example, both the worlds of Apollo 13 and of the Leopold I frigate provide an opportunity to find out more about empowerment and the importance of good goal setting. 


The Excellence Vade Mecum

The explanatory texts in the Excellence books refer to Excellence cards that provide greater detail about themes such as manager delegation, inspiring leadership, communication, etc.

They are both detailed and concise. Françoise Giroud, a French journalist and writer, used tosay thatthere’s no need to be talented in the third paragraph if the reader has already ‘lost’ interest in the second one. We purposely forced ourselves to be brief by covering each subject on the front and back of a card in a precise, professional way that encourages action. The cards are kept in a binder to create a true Excellence Vade Mecum (*), which is what we call it.

Our Vade Mecum contains about a hundred cards on a range of topics including:

  • Team motivation factors
  • The PDCA method
  • What really makes leadership inspiring
  • The role of vision, mission and values...and how to define them
  • How to improve a process 
  • Who is my client?
  • Active listening
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Lateral thinking 
  • Etc.

All of these themes appear under the search for Excellence banner.

We should also point out that most of the themes are applicable to both the professional world and private life. The binder is under development and will be published in 2015. Two cards are presented here in French as examples.

(*) Vade Mecum = from the Latin "come with me", a short travel book that you always take with you.

Personalised and tailored products

Use media with your graphic charter and specific terminology to maximise the impact of the messages you want to get across to the company during our sessions. For more information and concrete examples click here