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Vision, Mission and Values

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Vision, mission, and values are at the core of every organisation.

Unfortunately, far too often,

  • they are nothing but “statements” written in reports or printed on posters;
  • they are rarely updated and, in some cases, confusion is made between vision and missions;
  • they are rarely showcased, supported, or brought up by management;
  • they remain too unclear and abstract for employees, who don’t see how they are related to their job.

Yet everything that is done in your organisation should be directly relatable to the way it helps achieve your vision and fulfil your mission, showing constant commitment to your values. 

Here is our solution to counter this problem:

  • at the level of your organisation: (re)define, reformulate, and revitalise your vision, mission, and values, or
  • at a department, site, or other level: explain what the vision, mission, and values of the organisation actually mean by defining yours.

All of this is done in one day.


Vision, Mission, and Values – Identify and Define Them in a Single Day

Day 1 – Identify and define our vision, mission, and values

  • What are vision, mission, and values, and what purpose do they serve in my organisation?
  • Identify and define the mission: “Why are we here?
  • Identify and define the vision: “What are we looking to achieve?
  • Identify and define the values – the rules we live by: “What both brings us together and sets us apart?


This session can be preceded by the “Inspiring Leadership” module, during which managing staff receives training on understanding, explaining, and transmitting the vision, mission, and values (once defined) in their field of work.

Target Audience:

Executive staff and management


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