Excellence is a journey, not a destination. In fact, we never get there.

But we can always strive to achieve it. There are many different themes available to organisations (private, public, charity, etc.) for this purpose. Below you will find the major categories of themes as well as a few specific examples we will cover.

Of course, we usually meet with our clients. Together we can zero in on the most relevant, most important and most urgent themes and those most likely to produce added value. This way, we can offer content for a two-hour conference, a day combining training and a brainstorming session or a journey in several stages... Note that support for a productive topic can be multi-faceted:

  • Raise employee awareness and ensure their buy-in
  • Mobilise their energies by helping them to translate ideas into concrete action
  • Ensure that the added value is sustainable for the company by working on the culture and on idea and process improvement management systems


The major themes are listed in the categories below:

  • Leadership:     
    • Vision, mission and values
    • Inspiring leadership/leader vs. manager/leading quality
    • Authority and decision-making
    • Empowerment
    • Storytelling for the leader (become a "story-leader"); public speaking
    • Etc. 
  • People and Teamwork:
    • Group and team
    • Cooperation/asking for help
    • Acknowledgement and motivation
    • Self-management and managing others
    • Empowerment
    • Learning from mistakes
    • Etc. 
  • Communication:
    • Regular communication
    • Transparency
    • Crisis communication
    • Conflict management/providing support to people in conflict situations
    • Active listening
    • Internal communication tools/KNOL (Key News On-Line)
    • Non-violent communication
    • Company storytelling
    • Etc.
  • Change management and innovation:
    • Change management
    • Innovation management
    • Lateral thinking
    • Etc.


  • Quality chain - Client Focus and Process Focus:
    • Quality and Excellence
    • Client focus: who is my client (internal or external client); precise specifications; client focus
    • Supplier focus: internal and external suppliers
    • Process focus: what is a process; processes and procedures; measurement (KPI's) and process mastery
    • Process improvement: continuous improvement; breakthrough thinking; the "Ballista Project" (a business game to internalise all of the themes in a fun way and to initiate/strengthen       team building)
    • Quality models: the EFQM "Excellence" model
    • Etc.

We want to live what we teach, so we like to take on new challenges. We often have to explore a new theme or one that is suddenly in the news spotlight.

Let us surprise you.