Paths towards Excellence

The generic phrase "Paths towards Excellence®" contains the entire Pilgrim Approach and the different themes, services, and tools we offer to help you travel your own paths towards Excellence.  

It's also the name of the collection of true stories, presented in educational media format (see our store) that provides a common thread to our projects.

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StorytellingPilgrim chemins de l excellence apr 2020 approach

Pilgrim chemins de l excellence apr 2020 way of lifePaths towards Excellence



  • The "Pilgrim Approach"

    The ‘Pilgrim Approach’ has several facets of which storytelling is the most representative. It is also interactive, visual, simple and concrete.
  • The Storytelling

    A true trademark of Pilgrim Support, and what makes us rather unique in the market, is the extensive use of «business storytelling»
  • Paths towards Excellence

    Excellence is a journey, not a destination. We will never reach it....but we can always strive to either alone or as a team. Step by step.
  • Excellence as a Way of Life

    How to move from a conscious thought process focused on improving Quality and communication to unconscious, natural and spontaneous ways of doing things...