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These sessions have several potential uses:

  • Strengthen a key message during a  convention or event
  • Learn the concepts, attitudes, methods and techniques related to a target theme
  • Journey "kick-off" (starting point, awareness-raising) (see below)
  • Etc.  

Events are also included in this framework. While we are sometimes asked to provide our services at conventions and events organised by companies, we are also asked to provide full days on a theme. These are based on a single common thread and include a "study" session (company messages and key messages/strong themes based on storytelling) and a "fun" session.

Thanks to our partnership with Euro Space Center, we can take you to the stars during a morning dedicated to the key messages of the Apollo 13 mission (storytelling with audio and video from the period) and spend an afternoon in the space shuttle flight simulators and on the astronaut training equipment. Success guaranteed! The same model can be used to tell the story of the Leopold I frigate in the morning and go to sea in a boat in the afternoon or to share lessons in Excellence in the morning and take on a blaze at the firefighting school of Ottignies-LLN in the afternoon.



The Pilgrims offer several types of training conferences and presentations:

  • Duration: 2 hours to 1 day
  • In English, French or Dutch (or bilingual FR/EN or FR/NL if you want)
  • Common thread: one or several themes selected by the client; or a story used as a common thread to explore specific aspects of Excellence




Target Audience:

Executive staff and management, staff


Nothing can replace personal contact and information tailored to your needs.

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