Team Building - Apollo 13

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A13 1 770On 13 April 1970, 335,000 km from Earth,
a tank explosion severely damaged
the Apollo 13 spacecraft, causing
oxygen, water, and fuel leaks.
The astronauts’ survival now hinged on
the reactiveness and effectiveness
of the ground teams back on Earth…

“Paths toward Excellence with Apollo 13”

Experience an outstanding Team Building activity.
Leadership, teamwork, innovation, empowerment…
Get ready to be inspired by the same people
who put man on the Moon.

Pilgrim and the Euro Space Center have been jointly offering this Team Building activity for years,  to constant success!

Excellence never happens by accident. You have to decide to chase after it. Plan for it. Earn it.

Living examples of commitment, rigour, and determination, NASA’s teams offer us a host of sources of inspiration in terms of vision and leadership, teamwork and empowerment, innovation and communication.

Training engines. Waouw !

Team Building – “Apollo 13” at the Euro Space Center – 1 day

In the morning, we will follow the paths toward Excellence via an interactive multimedia lecture/course that touches on powerful themes (see below) illustrated by the true story of Apollo 13 using photos, drawings, audio, and video footage.

In the afternoon, in alternating groups,

  • you will use space shuttle flight simulators, working as a team to take off in the shuttle and put a satellite into orbit.
  • you will participate in one of the workshops organised on the themes tackled in the morning.
  • the day will end with a fun networking activity in which you will be able to use space training equipment (walking in zero-gravity, multiaxis chair).

All of this can be adjusted as desired. The choice of the themes to be tackled will also be decided in collaboration with you.




Can be followed by different workshops:

  • Customer orientation
  • Regular and transparent communication
  • Empowerment
  • How to make the best of our mistakes
  • etc.

These 1/2-day workshops will transform the concepts encountered in the morning session into concrete and measurable action, thereby “prolonging” it in the coming months.

The crew of Apollo 13

Morning - Possible themes

  • Group or team?
  • What do we mean when we say Excellence, Quality, etc.? What’s in it for me, for us?
  • Vision, Mission, Values… What’s in it for me, for us?
  • Setting goals: S.M.A.R.T. criteria, being thorough and precise
  • Change management, agility, and innovation
  • Quality Chains: customer orientation, supplier orientation, process orientation
  • Cooperation, asking for help, humility, and solidarity
  • Empowerment
  • Collaborating, building together, managing together
  • Process improvement
  • How to make the best of our mistakes?
  • How and why to express recognition
  • Communication: consistent, regular and transparent
A happy team !

Language :        English, French, Dutch
Address :          Euro Space Center - 1, rue Devant les Hêtres - B-6890 Transinne

Victory !


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