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You found this page because:

  • you are convinced that storytelling can be used in a particularly effective way for your internal communication and/or for your external visibility and publicity;
  • you got a “taste” of storytelling, you can “feel” its potential, and you are wondering: “What’s stopping us from telling about ourselves using stories?”(*);
  • or, simply because you are curious (a great trait!)…

That’s fantastic! But the realm of possibilities is vast. And we are here to help you find and create your ideal solution.

Let’s write your story together.

(*) There is a world of difference between “telling our story” and “telling about ourselves using stories”. We give pride of place to the latter approach – and this is the real strength of “business storytelling”.



Your Story – Writing Your Story Together

We will work together to shape and forge your story.

  • Who is the hero? Is it the customer, the product, the brand, your employees, etc.?
  • Who is it being written for? For in-house staff, your customers/partners, other stakeholders?
  • Who is the “bad guy”? Sometimes, this can help create unity: the fight against a certain disease, a natural disaster, an economic downturn, etc.
  • etc.

We will work together to find your story.

  • Should we use an outside story, stories told by people from inside or outside of your organisation, a composite narrative, etc.?

We will work together to choose the media that are most appropriate for telling it.

  • From employees’ ability to tell their story (e.g. to a potential customer), to printing a comic album, the possibilities are endless.



This session should be preceded by the “Storytelling” module so that the in-house team working on building your story and those who will go on to tell it and use it will already have training in storytelling and the ways it can be used.

Target Audience:

In-house teams responsible for building your story


Nothing can replace personal contact and information tailored to your needs.

Take a moment to contact Philippe Leman +32 (0)473 92 79 39 or send us your request.