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Pilgrim services personality profile apr 2020 personality

Psychometric tools are frequently used in training, coaching and for development purposes. Some describe personality traits based on Jungian theory of types, others focus on describing behaviors in work related situations: management or leadership styles, communication, negotiation, problem solving or thinking and learning preferences.

Each of them offers an opportunity for exploring and understanding of self and others and provide a lens to explain the complexity of human interaction. Even if no model can reflect the complexity of human personality, behaviors or interaction these tools provide insights.

As we understand that choosing one tool can be a challenge for companies, we briefly explored here-below some of those most frequently used.


2018111602 mbtiPersonality Types – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator one of the oldest personality profiles, based on Jungian theories of Psychological types. The MBTI® focuses on 4 dimensions of personality: our preference for the inner or the outer world, the way we gather information, the way we make decisions and how we organize and structure our lives.

Each dimension has a polarity from which 16 personality types are extracted. The MBTI step II report you get online, shows the scores per dimensions and the facets of each dimensions.

It is a very rich source of information for practitioners and therefore a great coaching tool. Also, sometimes it is perceived by the participants as quite technical. MBTI® detailed 16 types are challenging to remember, but it offers a very complete profile and with immense depth.



Insights logoPersonality Types – The Insights® Discovery is also based on the Jungian theories of psychological type. It takes into account 3 dimensions of personality: our preference for the inner and outer world, the way we gather information and the way we make decisions.

Insights also describes personality through 4 energies, Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool blue which eases the memorizing of the tool and speaks to imagination in terms of behaviors and attitudes. 8 personality types are derived from this model.

The Insights report is one that participants tend to appreciate instantly, as it’s easy to digest, it provides input on strengths, development areas and the way people need to interact with you to be effective. Insights® points to the conscious persona, with an interesting reference to the unconscious persona and how you channel your energy.

People remember Insights and particularly the color/ energy dominance of their profile, while they might forget the details of the Jungian Dimensions.



Disc 2Behavior: The DISC® focuses on 4 essential behavioral preferences determined from 2 dimensions: outgoing or reserved (personality traits) versus task focus or people focus (behavioral style).

From these dimensions 4 preferences are extracted: Dominant, Inspiring, Cautious, Supportive. However those can vary in their intensity from one person to the next and the tool can be quite rich. The DISC report offers a variety of profile reports on Workplace, Leadership, Management and Sales. Add-on reports on Team View and Group Culture can be ordered.

ne of the most important aspect is that individuals learn how to build more effective relationships with others and how to adapt their own behavior. The 4 preferences of DISC quite nicely reflect on your leadership or your management style and people tend to remember them effortlessly.



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