The "Pilgrim Approach"

Pilgrim chemins de l excellence apr 2020 approach


Business storytelling

This is the true trademark of Pilgrim Support. See the point “True stories. True Excellence experts.”

Visual aids and media

Stories and business examples are presented with pictures, drawings, videos, audio files, movie clips, etc... Various ways to make a session interesting by combining smart and fun. Furthermore, and emblematic of Pilgrim Support, is the fact that each of the stories used is supported by an hyper realistic comic strip that we developed for this purpose with the scriptwriter and artist Chris Lamquet. This material, combined with concise and concrete Excellence cards, is used as support material of our sessions.


Interactivity is of paramount importance. Driven by a constant game of questions/answers, it ensures that all the key messages are coming from the audience and not from the trainer. The use of electronic voting systems can reinforce the interactivity even more through a «quiz» or in order to promote exchanges of views or experience based on the answers received.


A constant factor in our sessions is simplicity. The language is adapted to the audience. Even the most complex concepts can be presented and explained in a simple way. As Leonardo da Vinci said: “Simplification is the ultimate sophistication.”

Role-play situations

«I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand» Confucius allegedly said. The roleplay situations enable participants to fully realise the benefit and added value of a particular behaviour or attitude (or its damage). It can be only a few minutes “ice-breaker” or a half-day or full-day «business game».


No matter how interesting the session was, it is the move from theory to practice that will allow you to collect the value of your investment. Whether it is an individual working time, a group brainstorming session or a process mapping exercise, the workshop moves your teams from theory to practice.