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As you may have already realised, our sessions all emphasise:

  • Awareness-raising about messages: these are primarily messages about attitudes and behaviour, the way in which people do their work. In addition to knowing what is expected of them in terms of their work and the way they work, it is crucial that employees also buy into their work. They must see the added value, the primary reason for what they are doing. Storytelling is excellent for this purpose
  • Translation into concrete action: "Now what? What's in it for me? For the team? The purpose of the workshops is to answer these questions. Lasting a half-day (to meet the operational needs of teams) and based on the common thread chosen for storytelling, they provide a one-hour training session followed by one or two highly-targeted workshops of 75 minutes each. We work with management to define the internal monitoring procedures for these actions.   


The Pilgrims offer several types of workshops:

  • Duration: 2 hours to 1 day
  • In English, French or Dutch (or bilingual FR/EN or FR/NL if you want)
  • Common thread: one  theme selected by the client




Target Audience:

Executive staff and management, staff


Nothing can replace personal contact and information tailored to your needs.

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