10 years later… our clients still remember...

Still fresh... 10 years later

Storytelling boosts memorisation. A story injects emotion into the telling: fear, hope, sadness, joy...These emotions generate adrenaline in the brain and boost...memory function. That's why a fact presented in a story has a memorisation factor 20 times greater than when it is presented alone.

It's important to make a point...but it's much better when your clients provide a testimonial.

Over three weeks in September 2014, three people spoke of their memories of the "Apollo 13" conferences or training sessions they attended:

  • A Human Resources Director attended a presentation on storytelling in September 2014 at ADP-Brabant (Association des Professionnels en Ressources Humaines - Belgique) (the Association of Human Resources Professionals - Belgium). When the power of memorisation was discussed after the presentation she confirmed how effective it was, illustrating the point with her very vivid memory of the "Apollo 13" presentation she had attended at ICHEC-Entreprises...in June 2006, eight years earlier.
  • In September 2014, Mr Erick Perruche, Quality Director for Aéroports de Lyon (France), contacted Pilgrim Support to request a presentation on site. Why Pilgrim Support? He still had an extraordinarily clear memory of two "Apollo 13" conferences hosted by La Poste (the French post office) he had attended in...January and May 2007, seven years earlier.
  • Lastly, when reviewing their general meetings and forums of the past ten years, the ADIC (Association chrétienne des dirigeants et cadres – Belgique) (The Christian Association of Managers and Executives - Belgium) noted that the only event that really stood out for everyone was the "Apollo 13" conference given…in January 2005. That was nine years ago.
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