Chris Lamquet - "Master of the Pilgrims"

Chris Lamquet has been a professional cartoonist and scriptwriter since 1974. He is the author of the "Alvin Norge" series and is currently drawing the "Alpha" series.

He became the "Master of the Pilgrims" in 2004. Since then, he has masterfully created the "Apollo 13", "SARC-6 on board the Leopold I" and "You go We go" (the story of 24 hours in the life of firefighters in the Brussels-Capital Region) albums. 

Photo: J.J.  Procureur

The genesis of a comic strip

While writing a script and drawing take nine months ("like a pregnancy" according to Chris Lamquet), each of our albums is really the result of two to three years of work that starts with documentary research: including about 5,000 photos, video and audio files for "Apollo 13"; a day at sea and a day of training for "SARC-6 on board the Leopold I"; 24-hour shifts with firefighters for "You go We go", etc.

Next comes the fine-tuning of the story framework with the cartoonist to combine the true story with the lessons in Excellence we want to emphasise. Then we create the storyboard (see the storyboard pages for our three major stories below).

All of the drawings are done with a graphics palette on the computer. They require many drafts and touch-ups.

Before ending up with the final drawings and pages.