Inspiring leadership

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“Inspiring Leadership” is actually a redundancy. By its very nature, leadership has to be inspiring.

As our managers move up the ladder, they have to devote more time to their role as “leaders” (showing the way, providing encouragement and support) than they do to their role as “managers” (managing), since they can rely on more and more excellent managers working for and with them.

Well…  Is that how we really do things in my organisation?

What do you say we look at this issue together?



Inspiring Leadership – A One-Day Training Session

Day 1 – Efficient Managers and Inspiring Leaders

  • Managers and/or leaders
  • Session centred around Kouzes and Posner’s model
    • Inspiring a shared vision
    • Enabling others to act
    • Challenging the process
    • Gaining the heart
    • Modelling the way
  • How can I become an inspired and inspiring leader?
  • The role of vision, mission, and values
  • The role of empowerment (auftragstaktik, the liberated company, etc.)

Using storytelling allows us to draw inspiration from numerous models of excellence in leadership.





This session may be followed by the “Vision, Mission, and Values” module to define the basic principles of the organisation in the most collaborative way possible.

This session may be followed by a workshop on “Empowerment” (half a day) to illustrate ways of delegating responsibility within my organisation, my department, my team, etc.

Part of an approach aiming to achieve “Excellence”

Target Audience:

Executive staff and management