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Business Excellence

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  • Do you want to launch an initiative in search of Excellence and to improve the Quality of products or services, but you don’t know where to start or which tools to use?
  • Do you want to give a boost to an existing initiative and to encourage support, involvement, and adaptation from your employees?
  • Do you want to focus on a specific topic and/or a specific department or site?

Our 25 years of experience in this field are complemented by 20 years of expertise in “business storytelling” specifically applied to these approaches to improving Quality.

For everyone involved, storytelling is an ideal tool for:

  • giving meaning (I realise why all of this is very important);
  • prompting action (I understand that this affects me and I have a role to play).

In light of this, we offer:

  • advice and assistance to define, organise, launch, and help you monitor your path to Excellence and its implementation
  • training and awareness-raising sessions (kick-off meetings and workshops) for managers and employees


Defining and Monitoring your Approach – Advice and Assistance

  • defining the scope and purpose of your approach
  • organisation and resources: organisational methods, the initial steps of the project, the resources involved, the calendar for implementation, and monitoring, measurement, and management methods.

Implementation – Awareness-Raising and Training Sessions – Using Storytelling

  • executive staff and management: awareness-raising and training sessions on the fundamentals of Excellence (concepts and tools, with a specific focus on attitudes and behaviours) applied to management
  • employees: awareness-raising and training sessions on the fundamentals of Excellence (concepts and tools, with a specific focus on attitudes and behaviours),

In both cases, sessions are built around storytelling and last between a half-day to a full day. Parallels are drawn between the session material and the challenges and stakes encountered every day at work. This approach is fun and attractive, and participants have no difficulty finding similarities with their daily lives.



This session may be preceded by the “Vision, Mission, and Values” module to make sure that you master the underlying fundamentals of your approach.


This session may be followed by the “Inspiring Leadership” module (1 day) and by special training for volunteers – “Excellence ambassadors” – from among your teams (1 day)

Target Audience:

Defining and monitoring the approach: executive staff and management

Implementation: all employees