Paths towards Excellence

The "Paths towards Excellence" collection is a series of albums with true stories about People who gave - and are still giving - the best of themselves, individually, as a leader or as a team.

Each album tells a true story in three parts:

  • A comic strip designed and created by Pilgrim Support
  • Technical specifications exploring historical context, special skills, expertise, technical aspects, anecdotes, etc.
  • An Excellence book with several levers for success and themes for improvement for organisations (vision and values, client focus, communication, manager delegation, etc.)

All available thanks to the talents of Philippe Leman (design and content) and Chris Lamquet (script and drawings). 

  • Apollo 13 (en FR)

    13 avril 1970. Explosion à bord d'Apollo 13, troisième mission visant à mettre le pied sur la Lune....

    27,36€ excl. tax

  • Apollo 13 (NL versie)

    13 april 1970. Ontploffing aan boord van Apollo 13, de derde missie die voet moet zetten op de Maan....

    27,36€ excl. tax

  • Apollo 13 (UK version)

    13 April 1970. Explosion on board Apollo 13, the third mission to put a man on the Moon. From this moment...

    27,36€ excl. tax

  • SARC-6 à bord du Léopold I

    Feu à bord ! Embarquez à bord de la frégate Léopold I de la Marine belge et vivez la phase ultime de...

    18,40€ excl. tax

  • SARC-6 aan boord van de Leopold I

    Brand aan boord! Stap aan boord van het fregatschip Leopold I van de Belgische zeemacht en beleef de...

    18,40€ excl. tax

  • SARC-6 on board the Leopold I

    Fire on board! Come on board the Belgian navy's Leopold I frigate and live the last phase of ship certification....

    18,40€ excl. tax