To back up the Excellence themes presented at awareness-raising sessions, training, workshops, conferences, etc. with storytelling, Pilgrim Support has selected stories that have certain points in common. They have to:

  • Captivate and hold attention
  • Facilitate understanding and memorisation
  • Promote buy-in
  • Increase involvement
  • Encourage action (*)

We've brought all of these points together in stories:

  • That are true and authentic: nothing else has the power of a first-hand testimonial
  • In which teams, individuals and leaders show the best of themselves in (often) difficult circumstances 

The credibility and power of these stories are enhanced with:

  • Photos, videos and period audio files
  • Drawings (comic strips)

In addition to many targeted short stories and anecdotes, we also have three full-length stories that can be used as a common thread for an intervention or a training journey.

(*) You can explore these characteristics and many other fascinating teachings in the excellent book Made to stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.